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From FYP to Billboard Top 100

There is no denying that Tik Tok has changed the music industry as well as music releases. Two years ago Tik Tok really cemented themselves as a music platform, allowing creators to hit the music lottery if their song or sound bit was attached to a viral trend. The first seemingly organic example that comes to mind is user @curtisroach with his sound “bored in the house” that got so big he ended up collaborating with Tyga to turn it into a song. User @gaylecantspell posted a video asking for comments for inspiration and user Nancy_Herman asked her to write a breakup song using the alphabet. @gaylecantspell ended up going viral with her song ABCDEFU. Some TikTok users did some investigating and have found a Nancy by the same name who does PR for the record company Gayle is signed to. In the case this was a PR stunt, it was a genius move and definitely helped launch Gayle’s career in a seemingly organic way.

@curtisroach via NPR

But with all the success TikTok can bring, is it possible to have too much hype? On August 18th, Sam Smith posted a TikTok teasing his new song Unholy ft. Kim Petras which quickly blew up with almost half a million videos on one sound bite of the song alone. However, some TikTok users started to get annoyed when the song hadn’t been released after a month. Now fully released, the song has been getting mixed reviews with the general feeling being that the song should’ve been released sooner given all the hype and attention. Personally, I have seen more people slightly disappointed in the whole song; but at the end of the day the sound is still showing up consistently on my FYP. Have you had the chance to listen to Sam Smith’s new song? Did you think it lived up to the hype or do you think that they didn’t “strike when the iron was hot”? And is going too viral even a thing?

April O'Neil

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