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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

I Found My Passion In Film Making

Production Assistant

The film industry rakes in billions of dollars a year, and it is no secret that Hollywood is the Filmmaking capital of the world. While there are other film industry hubs (Bollywood for example) there really is no place quite like California’s backyard. Although the film industry has such a large impact, the community which is considered “film” is actually really small, making it fairly difficult to break into the industry alone.

Professional Production Assistance

In 2011, Hank was struggling to find a job but landed a job as security on a set through a family friend. During shooting Hank briefly spoke with someone who he later found out was a producer; she ended up referring Hank to a commercial that was shot at Paramount. The initial meeting was serendipitous, and since then Hank has been working commercials, TV, photoshoots and feature films.

Through hard work and hustling Hank has been able to cross over all of these different fields and create such a bustling community full of different strengths and talents. While some people may only have experience with commercials, Hank has experience in multiple film channels. This valuable advice as well as experts in these fields in Hank’s Homies empower the future generation of film and lend a helping hand to anyone who wants to succeed in this industry.

I Don't Got A Job. I Just Make Money!

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